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Welcome to my newest page: Macro Photography. Here I will be posting photos in the macro/super macro range.

The macro lens I normally use alone does not produce true Macro photos as the minimum focusing distance is about 20cm. I'm trying to take photos where the lens is only a few mm from the subject.

In order to achieve this effect, I use two different lenses in conjunction with each other attached to the camera (normally a zoom lens and a prime lens), while using the reversing technique in order to achieve Super Macro effects.

Using this technique I am able to focus the camera only mm from the actual subject and I am able to produce some decent close up images with a lot of detail. One problem I have found with this technique is that the depth of field is only mm, meaning that it is difficult to get the entire subject in focus, even if the subject is only 5mm long. I have also found that it is almost impossible to take the picture without a tripod, since the natural movement of your hand when holding the camera can knock the subject out of focus completely.

I will continue to update as frequently as possible. Please contact me if you have any comments or questions. Thanks.

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